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Things You Need to Know About Do Not Disturb Mode

A do not disturb app tends to be a good app especially to people who not want to be disturbed at a given time of the day. In a case where you are in a meeting or even sleeping, you would expect minimum disturbance. One would also need to note that do not disturb is a default setting which one can utilize in some specific days, hours or even when need be. Any time you do not want to be called especially when doing something serious or even when sleeping, it would be wise to activate the do not disturb mode. You would also need to remember that the app tends to affect your phone only when it is locked. The moment you have your phone or do not disturb mode, you would not expect any alerts, lighting, notification or even noise from the phone unless it is a set alarm. You would only need to know how do not disturb option works for your phone and you would be sure that you will have a peace of mind even when your phone allows calls and messages in without making any noise. The best thing about the do not disturb mode is that one does not have to worry about missing an alarm even when his or her phone is on do not disturb mode.

In a case where your screen is no and you are still on the phone, you would receive calls, notifications, and messages normally. Even when someone calls, the phone tends to go through but does not ring from your end. In the same manner, the phone ought to lock automatically when one stops touching the screen for a while. You would only need to press the home or power on or off button and then slide the slider for you to access your phone when on do not disturb. However, it would be essential to know that the mentioned procedure tends to work only when has set the phone into that mode.

In the same time, it tends to be possible for one to schedule quiet hours on daily basis where you should not be disturbed through phone on daily basis. Even when has set some specific time when he or she should not be disturbed, one can adjust any time he or she feels that he or she needs to change. You would have the calls and notifications alert you the moment do not disturb period is over. In the same manner, you can set the do not disturb into the frequency based setting which allows pressing calls to go through. This option tends to be good for anyone who would wish to reach one in a multiple of times.

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